Víctor Resco de Dios

Víctor Resco de Dios

Professor of Tree Biology

Southwest University of Science and Technology & UdL

I am a Professor at Southwest University of Science and Technology and I also hold an affiliation with University of Lleida. My current research revolves around:

  1. Rhythmic ecology: Exploring diurnal, seasonal and annual rhythms in plant growth, reproduction and gas exchange and how they are driven by the interplay between circadian vs exogenous factors.
  2. Pyrophysiology: Trying to understand the physiological mechanisms that affect fire activity and, at the same time, how fires shape plant species structure and function.

I am a member of the Editorial Boards of New Phytologist, Regional Environmental Change, Trees, Plant Ecology and Diversity, Forests, Forest Systems and Frontiers in Forests and Global Change.


  • Circadian Ecology
  • Plant-Fire interactions
  • Ecosystem development


  • PhD in Rangeland Ecology & Watershed Management, 2008

    University of Wyoming

  • MEng in Forestry, 2003

    University of Lleida

  • BSc in Forestry, 2000

    University of Lleida

Recent Publications

(2021). A hydroclimatic model for the distribution of fire on Earth. Environmental Research Communications.


(2021). What Is a Mediterranean Pine? Physiological Trade-Offs Under Stress and Perturbation. Pines and Their Mixed Forest Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Basin.


(2021). Bridging the genotype–phenotype gap for a Mediterranean pine by semi-automatic crown identification and multispectral imagery. New Phytologist.


(2021). Climate and stomatal traits drive covariation in nighttime stomatal conductance and daytime gas exchange rates in a widespread C4 grass. New Phytologist.


(2021). Climate change induced declines in fuel moisture may turn currently fire-free Pyrenean mountain forests into fire-prone ecosystems. Science of The Total Environment.



Organization of conferences for scientific outreach:

iGenium'17: Engineering Meeting Point. Conference on Engineering and climate change.

Conama 2016: National Environmental Science Conference. Oranizing session on Carbon sinks.

Press and SciComm

Statements to Science Magazine on the 2020 US West Coast fires here

I do write lots of SciComm papers for the mainstream press, but mostly in Spanish. They can be accessed here


Chowdhury FI, Barua I, Chowdhury AI, Resco de Dios V, Shafiul M. 2020. Agroforestry shows higher potential than reforestation for soil restoration after slash-and-burn: a case study from Bangladesh. Geology, Ecology, and Landscapes DOI: 10.1080/24749508.2020.1743528. [pdf]

Resco de Dios V, Karavani A, Boer MM, Baudena M, Colinas C, Díaz-Sierra R, Pemán J, de Luís M, Enríquez-de-Salamanza A. 2018. Deforestación inducida por el fuego en bosques mediterráneos sometidos a sequía. Foresta 70: 56-64.

Gessler A, Bugmann H, Bigler C, Edwards P, della Guistina C, Kueffer C, Roy J, Resco de Dios V. 2017. Light as a source of information in ecosystems in Changing perspectives on daylight: Science, technology, and culture. Science 358: 680. [pdf]

Rey A, Resco de Dios V. 2015. El papel de los estomas en la regulación del clima. Naturalmente - La revista del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales - 8: 27-31

Paredes E, Cerera T, Resco de Dios V, Larrañaga A. 2015. Planificació territorial per a la prevenció de grans incendis forestals. Aplicació pràctica a la conca de Madrona (Solsonès). Silvicultura 72: 17-20

Resco V. 2010, Fundamentos teóricos para el uso de isótopos estables en ecología terrestre. Ecosistemas 19: 1-5

Vidal Cerdeiros C, Resco V. 2008. La lectora de montes. Profor-ES 1: 86-89.

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